We believe that everyone on the planet can do more to learn and live in balance with nature.

We will encourage this by providing education though cultural, natural, sustainable and spiritual experiences for humans with in nature (and a comfortable bed!!)

Azulik     Mexico
Celebrate your love with a Spiritual wedding ~ see below for special offer!
~ perfect for all couples celebrating love unions

Nestled on the edge of the rocky shoreline in the Mayan Riviera is a romantic oasis 

Azulik has 15 villas, 12 of them are perched on a rocky bluff overlooking the sea and 3 are on the beach with the sand in front.
Each villa is designed with enough space to enjoy a private massage inside the villa or enjoy a nice dinner at your table with a view to the sea!  The outdoor deck has a tub which can be filled with warm water, a swing, hammock and 2 chairs.
Azulik has more personal space inside and outdoors than Zahra or Copal. This makes it ideal for adults and especially those looking to spend relaxing time together. We are popular with couples and honeymooners.
The villas are within a few metres from each other but all guests at Azulik tend to be respectful of other guests' privacy.


We offer a special room service menu from Copal Restaurant, Maya Spa services, a reception desk which can arrange tours and activities and the most rewarding amenity is your time away from telephones and electricity. We are rustic in a luxurious way!
Azulik is adult only ~ over 17 years

What's New?

All Azulik villas have hanging beds on the outside decks, as well as new cushions for the outside chairs. Ceiling fans have been installed in all Azulik villas.

All Azulik villas have electronic safes, which operate with either a credit card (swipe the bar code, there is no charge to use the safe) or your own private PIN number. Safes are large enough to fit two laptops (15' screen or smaller) and more.


Honeymoon Villa

The best view, perched on the end of the cliff with a stairway to the sandy beach for direct beach access. Returning guests will remember this as Azulik #12.

Romance Villa

Guests will enjoy a LAN cable for internet access. Returning guests will remember this as Azulik #1. This villa has a stairway down to the water, with a short walk to the beach.

Sea Villas

The sea villas are perched on a rocky cliff above the sea. Numbers 2 and 3 share a staircase down to the beach below.

Beach Villas
The beach villas rise up above the sandy beach on stilts. These three villas (#13-14-15) have a wide view of the sea and easy access from the deck directly to the sandy beach.

Why Visit?
Designed by its artistic owner and built with a sensitivity to the surrounding ecosystem, Azulik offers a luxurious level of comfort in harmony with nature.

We prefer not to use electricity but to light the ambience with candles at night. There are no telephones or televisions. The floors are a polished katalox wood, native to the area which provdes a warmth in atmosphere. The large windows offer a sense of immersion into the surrounding flora.

Due to the rocky shoreline, there is ultimate privacy from beachcombers in front of your villa.

Azulik is within a short walk of wonderful secluded, social and clothing optional beaches


Eco-Res Opinion ~ the best villa

It is a difficult question when we are asked about the “best” villa!!! The villas esthetically are identical, they each have a king bed, queen hanging bed, carved wooden bathtub with handheld shower, toilet, sink, closet with security box, table and chairs. Outside, each has a deck with a swing, hammock and chairs.


All the villas are about 10-15 feet (3-4 meters) apart and have a natural barrier of plantlife and rocks between them.


The romance villa is #1 and was the first villa built. It is in the same location as the seaview villas, sitting on the rocky bluff overlooking the sea. It has more mature vegetation around it and the tub on the deck is tile. It has a natural fence on one side and an Azulik seaview villa on the other side. The romance villa has a private stairway to the Copal clothing optional beach below. For those wishing to bring a laptop, it has LAN internet.


The seaview villas are located on the rocky bluff overlooking the sea. Four of them have tile tubs outside and the remaining 6 have wooden tubs. That is the most distinct difference. The seaview villas are the most popular, as they are closest to the sea offering amazing views and a breeze off the water. The beach access is via the boardwalk behind your villa and it will take 1 – 2 minutes to access the beach. There is not one particular villa which is most popular, we have found over the years that repeat visitors become fond of specific villas based on their own experiences, as the physical differences are so minor.


The Honeymoon villa is #12. It is a seaview villa, the last in the row on the rocky bluff and it borders the beach to one side. It has a stairway from the deck to the beach and also offers the view and breeze similar to the seaview villas. The honeymoon villa gives, at times, a feeling of privacy due to the fact there is no neighbor on one side. However, it does have the public beach below and we have noticed that occasionally people on the beach will take photos (of the villa!)  and focus on the honeymoon villa due to the interesting design of Azulik. This may impede privacy for short periods of time! If the honeymoon villa is not available, the seaview villas are an equal alternative.


The beach villas sit facing the beach on the south side of Azulik. The bluff ends and a nice cove beach begins. The three beach villas sit back from the water with the sand in front. All beaches are public so there will be people on the beach in front but this beach is generally not heavily populated. As there are 3 villas, 2 of them have no neighbor on one side. They all have a wooden tub on the deck.


So, we can't really say which one is the best, as everyone has a different opinion but hopefully these tips will help you decide which location is best for you!!!








To book the Sentimental Package or the Celebration Package:

Please email azulik@eco-res.com*

*available only with minimum 7 night booking

at Azulik with Eco-Res


 1.5 hours from Cancun on the Mayan Riviera at Tulum



Cancun.The fastest and most comfortable way to reach Azulik from the Cancun airport is with a direct transfer, which we can have arranged for you. The same transfer service is available for your return to the Cancún airport. Transfers are less expensive than taxis and more comfortable and more convenient than taking the bus from Cancun city to Tulum pueblo. By transfer, it is about one hour and thirty minutes to Azulik from the Cancun airport. If you are interested in placing a reservation for a transfer, please see www.jeromitransfers.com . If you mention ECORES in your online transfer booking, you will receive a 10% discount!


To drive from the Cancún airport, take the highway south until you reach the crossroads leading to the Tulum hotel zone. You will see a sign for Boca Paila and also a plaza on the right side with a large San Francisco Supermarket. At the stoplight, turn left, heading toward the sea.

Once the road forks, turn right. Cabanas Copal  - You will see the reception for Cabanas Copal next to the road about 1/2 km from the fork in the road. Maya Spa - You will see the driveway just past the Cabanas Copal reception. Azulik - You will see the driveway a few metres farther from Maya Spa driveway. Zahra - You will see reception on the left and a small convenience store on the right. Parking is beside the convenience store.

From Cancún it is about 1 hour and 30 min. drive by car.


If you prefer a more economical method of traveling south from the airport to Azulik, you can take a bus to Playa del Carmen directly from the Cancún International Airport! with Riviera Bus Line (about $6.50usd)From Playa del Carmen, you can take either a first- or second-class bus to the Tulum pueblo (about $3.50 usd. per person, two or more hours). First class buses are faster than second class ones, as they do not make as many stops along the highway. Alongside the Tulum pueblo bus station you will find a taxi stop, where you can take a cab directly to Azulik (about $4 per car, maximum four people per vehicle, about ten minutes).   



To maintain the peacefulness, Azulik has arranged for guests to use all the facilities at neigboring Cabanas Copal. They welcome you to the spa facilities, restaurant, use the internet cafe and to rent kayaks and snorkel gear to explore the reefs.

You can arrange meals in your villa from the Cabanas Copal restaurant


Adult oriented. Accommodation available for adults over 17 years



The weather in Tulum is always pleasant and warm, though from December through February it does cool down at night. Be sure to bring a sweater, sweatshirt, or light jacket for the evenings. The tropical rainy season is from mid-June to November, and the winter days which follow are sunny and warm, though not as hot as in the summer months. Be sure to bring sunscreen or plan to buy some here, as the sun is strong during the afternoons.


Celebrate your love with a Spiritual wedding
~ perfect for all couples celebrating love unions

Couples will be joined together in a spiritual and holistic manner. You both will be cleansed by our Spiritual Healer and then guided through a ritual that will connect the two of you forever. 
This is the ancient Prehispanic ceremony that is the backbone of the land and the way to a relationship that starts with tranquility and spiritual respect. 
This is a ritual that can be modified to cater to renewing the vows that were intitially shared on that special day. 
Contributes to a new start of love and understanding of your inner self.  

Celebration of New Planetary Consciouness

The couple is presented to the Spiritual Energies of the Four Cardinal Points. This calls for the protection and blessing of Mother Earth (Ixchel) from the Central Heart of the Galaxy (Hunab Ku) & the Four Elements of the Universe which guides them through the light and unconditional love in a spiritual union.

Ancestral Memories of Light
Surrounded in Copal (pre-Hispanic purification incense) and flower petals of different colors that represent the 4 cosmic directions, the couple is 'bathed' with these which symbolize the blessings of each cardinal point.  This guides them to the center of their hearts for expressing their vows in front of the sacred fire that represents the spiriutal heart of their union.
1 hour ceremony:  includes, flowers, altar, flute, drums, bilingual Chaman, Prosperity Box, wedding candle, white shawl (protection for the couple). $550usd*
45 minutes ceremony:  includes, Flowers, altar, flute music, bilingual Chaman. $320usd*
*price available with minimum 7 night booking at Azulik

Click here for real time availability and to make a booking...



High season:
Nov. 15 - April 30, July 15 - Aug 31
    Low season:
May 1-July 14, Sept. 1-Nov. 14 )

Holiday season:
Dec. 18-Jan. 2 (seven night minimum stay)


Honeymoon Villa: $350 usd.
Romance Villa: $350 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $325 usd.
  Honeymoon Villa: $285 usd.
Romance Villa: $285 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $255 usd.
  Honeymoon Villa: $390 usd.
Romance Villa: $390 usd.
Sea Villas & Beach Villas: $365 usd.

Cancellation Policy EcoTulum Resorts highly recommends that you purchase trip cancellation service as reservations are non-refundable. The insurance will cover you in case of a natural disaster or medical emergency (please verify all terms and conditions with the insurance company). If there is a Tropical Storm Warning or a Hurricane Warning issued for Mexico, Azulik, Zahra, Cabanas Copal and Maya Spa may close before or during your scheduled reservation and you may be asked not to come or be asked to leave early. If you do not purchase insurance coverage, and are unable to travel, are unable to stay in our accommodations, or are asked not to come or to checkout, or to depart early due to a tropical storm or hurricane, EcoTulum Resorts will hold on account for one year, the unused balance of your reservation which may be applied toward the payment for any new reservation beginning within one year of the originally scheduled arrival date. In the event of these circumstances, we will waive the $50 usd. cancellation fee. We will not hold waive the $50 usd. cancellation/change fee if you are unable to travel because of cancelled flights, personal reasons, medical emergencies or any other condition causing a cancellation or change of dates. If you do not purchase insurance, if you choose to leave, you will not be refunded or credited for the unused portion of your stay. Under all circumstances, EcoTulum Resorts nor Eco-Res, shall not issue a refund whatsoever. EcoTulum Resorts strongly recommends and encourages trip cancellation insurance! No shows, late arrivals (beyond 12pm the day following your planned arrival date), early departures are all non-refundable. No refunds will be granted. Guests who abandon the rooms of EcoTulum Resorts (Azulik, Zahra, Cabanas Copal) for any reason whatsoever agree they have no rights to compensation. 


 Call for single and group prices. Price may not include tax.

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